Power to be Cut at University Village

Southern California Edison will perform maintenance, upgrades and repairs in the area over weekend.

Cal Poly Pomona’s “Polycentric” publication is reporting that the power will be temporarily or turned off at the University Village this weekend while Southern California Edison performs maintenance, upgrades and repairs in the area.

The outage will reportedly last from 10 p.m. Saturday to 10 a.m. Sunday.

For questions, contact assistant director Lisa De La Cruz-Caldera at (909) 869-4159 or ldelacruz@csupomona.edu. For immediate assistance, call the on-duty community advisor at (909) 762-8286.

To ensure residents’ safety the Village and Foundation staff has plan to us portable lighting to illuminate the grounds and parking areas, staffer said.

The on-duty resident/community advisor staff will conduct rounds of the entire community. Additional rounds will be added overnight. Village grounds will be inspected prior to the outage to ensure that all areas are free of debris.

A few hours prior to the outage, the resident/community advisor staff will knock on doors of each apartment to drop off personal-size flashlights with batteries, officials said.

Residents are reminded of the following:

  • All apartments will be without air conditioning during the power outage. Residents are encouraged to find alternative housing.
  • Candles are strictly prohibited.
  • Residents should be extra vigilant while walking and driving around the Village community as some areas may be darker than others.
  • Remember to close and lock all doors and windows before going to sleep or before leaving the apartment.
  • Cell phones and laptops should be charged in advance.
  • Perishables in the refrigerator should be eaten or disposed of if they might go bad. For more information about food safety, visit www.foodsafety.gov/blog/power_outages.html.

Emergency contact information should be kept handy.


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