County Fire to Remove Dead Vegetation from Sycamore Canyon

The removal comes less than a month from the March 2 re-opening of Sycamore Canyon Park.

Less than a month away from the re-opening of Sycamore Canyon Park, the Los Angeles County Fire Department Friday will begin removing dead vegetation in the area.

The 144-acre park was closed in 2003 following the Gran Prix Fire. The city of Claremont is planning a re-opening event for the community at 10 a.m. March 2.

Ahead of that, crews will cart away dead wood and several standing trees near the ruins of a burned out cabin during the removal process, according to the city's website. Also planned, is the clearing of some of the understory and lower branches of live Sumac.  The removal of the shrubs is consistent with the department's standard fire mitigation measures, city officials said.

Claremont did not authorize the removal of any live trees.

Los Angeles County Fire has a vegetation management program, launched in 1979, designed to reduce the effects of wildfires, erosion, and flooding.

"As the population of Los Angeles County increases, further expansion of residential areas into the Wildland-Urban interface is inevitable," fire department officials wrote on the website.  "Panoramic views, wildlife, fresh air, and solitude are just a few of the reasons that tempt people to locate in the brush areas of Los Angeles County. The rewards may be numerous, but the increased risk of wildland fires, flooding, and erosion poses a serious threat to life and property."

For more information about the park re-opening, call the city's Community and Human Services Department at 909-399-5490.




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